Tuesday, 28 June 2011

'May the Odds......Be Ever in Your Favour'

The Hunger Games

Reminiscent of Orwell's '1984' or Westerfeld's 'Uglies,' 'Pretties' and 'Specials,' the Hunger Games tells the tale of society controlling and oppressing it's people.
Set in the ruins of post-apocalyptic North America, the Hunger Games are a televised reality-TV show which forces twenty-four children to battle in an arena, where the only rule is to kill or be killed. The last tribute standing, wins.

"Winning means fame and fortune.
Losing means certain death,
The Hunger Games have begun."

After a failed uprising against the Capitol, some 74 years ago. The Hunger Games were created to remind the districts that the uprising came at a cost and must never be repeated. The 12 districts who live in abject poverty, are forced to lose a child of both sexes, through pot-luck, to these 'games' and all for the entertainment of the wealthy Capitol citizens.
To make the event humiliating as well as torturous the district citizen's are required to treat the Hunger Games as a festivity and great sporting event and not as the death sentence it is.
What better way to divide the districts than to pit them against one another.

"From the moment I first picked it up, as a way to pass a few slow hours, 
the hunger games had me captivated.
 It's thrilling, incredible story left me breathless
 and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough.
The world is woven so intricately 
it's hard not to imagine the surroundings, 
taste the food and to live the terror." 
Holly @ Adamontise

Following the tale of the 74th Hunger Games, the book delves into a world both foreign, yet familiar and not to hard to imagine as an alternate future. It will surely become a great cult classic for teens and old alike, this tragic and horrific series is worth the read.

The Hunger Games is currently being made into a movie even as we write!
It's release date is yet to be confirmed but with Lionsgate driving the wagon it is sure to be a top-notch release.
We can only hope the film does justice to the excellent novel and captures the brutality without the need to 'sugarcoat' for Hollywood.
There is going to be a massive buzz when the film is complete, quite possibly as massive as that of 'Harry Potter' and 'The Twilight Saga', so it's well worth reading it before that happens, and at least then you can tell everyone you discovered it first!

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