About Us

Adamontise is based in Lincolnshire, England. Our Ebay Shop (Adamont Items) opened it's doors on March 2nd 2008 and was initially started as a hobby to sell our old secondhand books. In February 2010 we relocated and began to ship items internationally.

On the 21st of September 2010 we became a registered sole trader ship and full-time business seller of new books on Ebay. From February 6th 2011, we branched out to become a business seller on Amazon, listing many second-hand titles as well as some of our more popular Ebay sellers. We stock a large variety of Books, Dvd's and a small range of novelty goods and confectionery.

We offer a wide range of:

* Books, both New, discounted and Second-hand.
* Dvd's (new & pre-owned)
* Confectionary
* Novelty Items
We sell the latest releases along with some older hard-to-find titles and try to offer the majority of our stock at a discounted price.

We joined Twitter on the 14th February 2011 as a way to stream real time updates of the company's products and services